Meet the Author

F. Barton Davies

F. Barton Davis is a preacher & missionary, serving for 31 years, in such divergent places as College Park Maryland, Tallahassee FL, New York NY, Atlanta, GA, Harare Zimbabwe, Nairobi Kenya, and Birmingham AL.

In addition, he's a musician who's produced two CDs and the author of five published books, SHADOW DANCERS (a supernatural thriller), CLOSER THAN A BROTHER (nonfiction/about Christian relationships), PASSING IT ON, a study guide for young Christians, LOVE STORY: Trading in Religion for Discipleship (nonfiction/about building a true relationship with God), and the LOVE STORY WORKBOOK.

His interests include writing, music, history, sci-fi, fantasy, comics, movies, sports, and real Christianity (it's hard to find).

The Frank Davis Books

Stars in the Darkness

During a road trip with his two best friends, high school senior David Stone meets Amesemi, the girl of his dreams. Everything is just perfect until the sky turns black. Find out what happen.

Shadow Dancers

Inhuman predators are hunting Tricia Morningstar, and they will not stop until she is in their grasp. The creatures are led by an ancient, darker evil— a Shadow Dancer. Find out what happen next.

Love Story

His Love is Calling You!
Love Story can help you fall in love with God for the first time, or for those who have a walk with Him, it is great way to strengthen and/or rekindle the bond that already exists.

Closer Than a Brother

Modern Christianity is adrift.
In numerous congregations, complacency and indifference have become the norm rather than the exception. What is the missing ingredient? Find out in this book.

Passing it On

For a mature Christian looking to jumpstart your faith, for mentors, and for young Christians, Passing It On is a great refresher course, a lifeline to get you out of the woods and on to maturity.